Each Nipype release is archived on Zenodo, which provides a DOI for the project and each release, separately. The project DOI (10.5281/zenodo.596855) will redirect to the latest release archive, which contains all information needed to cite the release.

If you are a Nipype contributor and your name is not mentioned in the latest release, please submit a Pull Request modifying the .zenodo.json file.

When publishing results obtained using Nipype we strongly encourage citing the latest Zenodo archive to give credit to all Nipype contributors. However, if for some reason the journal you are publishing with does not allow you do cite software this way you can use the initial paper published in 2011 (see below).


Gorgolewski K, Burns CD, Madison C, Clark D, Halchenko YO, Waskom ML, Ghosh SS. (2011). Nipype: a flexible, lightweight and extensible neuroimaging data processing framework in Python. Front. Neuroimform. 5:13.

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@article { Gorgolewski2011,
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Code contributors

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Nipype is currently supported by 1R01EB020740-01A1 Nipype: Dataflows for Reproducible Biomedical Research.

Satrajit Ghosh work on this project was partially funded by NIBIB R03EB008673 and by the INCF through a contract with TankThink Labs, LLC. Chris Burns was supported by NIMH grant 5R01MH081909-02 Continued Development and Maintenance of the Neuroimaging in Python Project. Hans Jonson was supported by 2 U54 EB005149 - 06 Core 2b Huntington’s Disease - Driving Biological Project, S10 RR023392 Enterprise Storage In A Collaborative Neuroimaging Environment, R01 NS040068 Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington’s Disease, and UL1 TR000442 University of Iowa Clinical and Translational Science Program.

We would also like to thank JetBrains for providing Pycharm licenses.