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Wraps the executable command Bru2.

Uses bru2nii’s Bru2 to convert Bruker files


>>> from nipype.interfaces.bru2nii import Bru2
>>> converter = Bru2()
>>> converter.inputs.input_dir = "brukerdir"
>>> converter.cmdline  # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
'Bru2 -o .../data/brukerdir brukerdir'


input_dir: (an existing directory name)
        Input Directory
        argument: ``%s``, position: -1

actual_size: (a boolean)
        Keep actual size - otherwise x10 scale so animals match human.
        argument: ``-a``
force_conversion: (a boolean)
        Force conversion of localizers images (multiple slice orientations).
        argument: ``-f``
compress: (a boolean)
        gz compress images (".nii.gz").
        argument: ``-z``
append_protocol_name: (a boolean)
        Append protocol name to output filename.
        argument: ``-p``
output_filename: (a unicode string)
        Output filename (".nii" will be appended, or ".nii.gz" if the "-z"
        compress option is selected)
        argument: ``-o %s``
args: (a unicode string)
        Additional parameters to the command
        argument: ``%s``
environ: (a dictionary with keys which are a bytes or None or a value
          of class 'str' and with values which are a bytes or None or a
          value of class 'str', nipype default value: {})
        Environment variables


nii_file: (an existing file name)